Vadim Naroditsky (vnarod) wrote in ru_travel,
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Составил полубезумное расписание по Австралии. Специалисты, подскажите, это реально? Цены на билеты я проверил. Фиксированы пока только прилет и отлет в страну.

Oct 13: Arrive to Cairns at noon. Drive to PD
14,15,16 - diving and going to CT - do I need 3.5 days there or 2.5 will be enough?
Oct 17: fly to Darwin at 11:00 ($125),
half of 17, 18, 19, half of 20 - rent a car and drive in Kakadu NP or other places
Oct 20: fly to Melbourne at 18:15 ($175), arr at midnight, spend night in a hotel at the airport
Oct 21: rent a car, go to GOR, night at Warmambool
Oct 22: return to Melbourne
Oct 23: fly to Launceston (Tasmania) at 8:10 am, arr 9:15, ($45) rent a car
23,24,25 drive toward Hobarton
Oct 25 evening or 26 morning fly from Hobarton to Sydney
26 - Sydney
Oct 27 - morning in Sydney, depart at 14:00
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