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Безвизовый режим с Кореей - с 1.1.2014

Хоть лично я и не верил во вступление в силу безвизового режима с такой круглой даты, тем не менее это свершилось.

Новость на сайте МИД Кореи (английский язык)

1. As the ROK and Russia exchanged official diplomatic letters notifying each other of the completion of domestic procedures for the effectuation of the ROK-Russia Agreement on the Mutual Abolition of Visa Requirements, which was signed in Seoul on November 13, the Agreement will take effect on January 1, 2014.

2. After entry into force of the Agreement, holders of valid ordinary passports or travel certificates of the two countries will be allowed to stay in each other’s countries for up to 60 days without visa as long as their stays are not for purposes of employment, residence or studies.
Tags: Корея, виза

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